A Pantyhose Fetishist’s Confession

My name is Doctor Richard Tease or Dr Dick Tease. No that is my real name. That is my “internet stage name”. I have a pantyhose fetish. That fetish extends to stockings, high heels, boots, lycra, nylons, tights, costumes, short and tight dresses, panties, spandex.

After years of trying to find a website to satiate my need for pantyhose related material that is a good quality I decided it’s time to embrace it and make it myself. My girlfriend and I chatted for a while and decided she was into the idea too of starting a porn site.

I spent the last couple of weeks seriously trying to figure out how to get it going, and how to document my progress. I decided I was going to blog the experience as it coincided with the release of my website that will be announced in about 2 weeks.

We have a long way to go to getting enough content to even publish, figure out logistics, our involvement in the actual films themselves, our acquiring talent. Anyway this is my journey into attempting to starting a legitimate porn studio.


Dr Dick Tease


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